Conditions Générales de Ventes

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1 - Acceptance of the general conditions of sale 

1.1 The customer acknowledges having read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Fertil-In Anglais declares to accept them.and declares to accept them.
1.2 These conditions shall prevail over any other general or specific conditions not expressly approved by Fertil-In Anglais.
1.3 These general conditions of sale are applicable to all orders of services or products outside of Continuing Professional Training, and, more generally, to all commercial and contractual relationships outside of Continuing Professional Training.
1.4 Fertil-In Anglais has General Conditions of Sale specific to the dispensation of services related to Continuing Vocational Training. They are available on the training page of the Fertil-In Anglais website.
1.5 Any clauses or conditions emanating from the customer, not accepted in writing by Fertil-In Anglais, which would be in opposition to these General Conditions of Sale or particularities defined in the offer will be considered null and void.
1.6 Fertil-In Anglais reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order indicated on the reservation form by the buyer.

2 - Liability

2.1 Fertil-In Anglais cannot be held responsible for any loss of content or problems in viewing said content, which would be the consequence of negligence, faulty or clumsy use of hardware and software, or for any damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, interruption of service, or other unintentional problems. 
2.2 The results obtained at the end of the training offered are the responsibility of the learner who undertakes to implement the advice given and can only hold Fertil-In Anglais for an obligation of means accountable for an obligation of means.
2.3 Fertil-In Anglais undertakes to provide the necessary means to the learners to help them achieve the expected results, but Fertil-In Anglais cannot be held responsible in the event said results are not achieved.

3 - Training services

3.1 Fertil-In Anglais provides training services to any person or company who does not wish to initiate the administrative process relating to Continuing Professional Training. 
3.2 Fertil-In Anglais provides training in two ways: Open and / or Remote "Online" and face-to-face training.
3.3 The Open and / or Remote training uses training methods that can be combined. An "open and / or distance training" is a flexible training system. Each session provided online by Fertil-In Anglais is done in a self-training situation by means of videos, forum, email and / or a video conference system in real time with the learner.
3.4 In addition to the educational and technical means for carrying out face-to-face training, Fertil-In Anglais has a web platform to conduct online training sessions with one or more participants.
3.5 Distance learning is subject to technical feasibility tests carried out by the learners or their representative. These tests, carried out by each participant using their own hardware and from their place of learning, make it possible to check the fluidity of the main screen transfer function between computers (participant/trainer) through the Internet as well as functions such as video and voice transmission, file transfer, etc.  Consequently, they make it possible to verify the technical feasibility of a distance training method between Fertil-In Anglais and the place where the participant is located.
3.6 The traceability of the IP address makes it possible to check and validate the actual presence of each learner on each module of the training provided over a given period.

4 - Confidentiality clause

See also our Privacy Policy
4.1 Fertil-In Anglais undertakes to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of information and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized parties.

5 - Personal data

See our Privacy Policy

6 - Prices

6.1 The prices listed are inclusive of VAT. These rates can be modified at any time and in particular in the event of a change in fiscal or economic data.
6.2 Nevertheless, the prices applied on the invoice are those accepted or indicated on the quote/offer of a service.
6.3 When a quote is established by Fertil-In Anglais, its specific conditions modify or supplement these general conditions of sale.

7 - Reservation and payment

7.1 The customers must:
- complete the identification form on which they will indicate all the requested contact details or give their customer number if they have one;
- complete the online reservation form by giving all the requested references;
- validate their reservation after having verified it;
- make the payment under the conditions provided;
- confirm their order and payment.
7.2 The confirmation of the order implies the acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having full knowledge of them and the waiver of their own conditions of purchase or other conditions.
7.3 Online payments will be made by credit card. They will be carried out through the secure system of the MangoPay solution, which uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, or through Paypal.
7.4 Fertil-In Anglais reserves the right to suspend any service in the event of non-payment or partial payment of a previous or current contract.
7.5 Any performance of the service may be suspended until the final payment of the sums due by the customer has been completed and collected by Fertil-In Anglais.

8 - Confirmation of reservation recorded

8.1 In the context of distance selling, the booking voucher will include the following information:
- The address and telephone numbers of Fertil-In Anglais, enabling the customer to contact them;
- Any delivery costs;
- The terms of payment, delivery or performance;
- The existence of a right of withdrawal and its possible limits;
- The duration of the validity of the offer and the price thereof;
- Where applicable, the minimum duration of the proposed contract, when it relates to the continuous or periodic supply of a good or a service;
- The deadline by which the product will be delivered, or the deadline by which the execution of the service must begin.
8.2 All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will constitute proof of the transaction. Such confirmation will be deemed a signature and an acceptance of transactions.
8.3 Fertil-In Anglais will communicate by e-mail the confirmation of the registered reservation.
8.4 At the request of the purchasers, a paper invoice, mentioning the VAT, will be sent to them. In all cases, such a document will be automatically accessible to them in digital format in his personal space on the Fertil-In Anglais website.
8.5 Fertil-In Anglais will archive purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable medium constituting a faithful copy.

9 - Late penalties

9.1 Late payment penalties are due for non-payment on the day following the date of payment which appears on the invoice. The rate of these penalties is 10% per year.
9.2 The penalties are payable the day after the payment date indicated on the invoice, without a reminder being necessary.
9.3 Payment of the invoice is deemed to have been made on the date on which the funds are made available by the customer to Fertil-In Anglais. Thus, the penalties cease to be due on the day the funds are deposited on the Fertil-In Anglais account.

10 - Right of withdrawal from a distance sale

10.1 The customer who orders remotely can retract for seven days. This withdrawal period begins the day after receipt of the goods or confirmation of the reservation for the provision of services.
10.2 When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.
10.3 The buyer who uses their right of withdrawal within 7 days and who wishes to return the product has the obligation to bear the shipping costs for the return of the product.
10.4 When the right of withdrawal is exercised, Fertil-In Anglais will reimburse the customeras soon as possible, and at the latest within thirty days of the date on which this right is exercised. Beyond that, the amount due is ipso jure, productive of interest at the legal rate in force.
10.5 The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts where the execution of the provision of services has begun, in agreement with the customer, before the end of the period of seven days.

11 - Cancellation of services

11.1 Any service that has started is due in full.
11.2 Any request for cancellation of a training must be notified in writing to Fertil-In Anglais.

12 - Force majeure

12.1 Fertil-In Anglais reserves the right to postpone or cancel a service, to change its location, the content of its program or the choice of hosts, if circumstances beyond its control require it.
12.2 The occurrence of a force majeure event has the effect of suspending the performance of Fertil-In Anglais's contractual obligations. Force majeure is any event beyond the control of Fertil-In Anglais (unforeseeable and irresistible external event not allowing the execution of its commitments), and hindering its normal functioning to provide training or provide the service.
12.3 Fertil-In Anglais cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of its obligations in the event of an interruption in Internet communications due to causes beyond the control of Fertil-In Anglais, notably in the event of a force majeure event, network disruption or failure, total or partial strike, in particular in the field of telecommunications services, or technical issues caused by Fertil-In Anglais's providers.
12.4 Thus, in the event of force majeure, Fertil-In Anglais undertakes to immediately notify the client company representing the participants in the planned training, and to offer them priority registration for the next session.

13 - Educational support

13.1 This is the service provided by Fertil-In Anglais or by another trainer appointed or hired by Fertil-In Anglais, to follow the participants in the training, to assist them in their training course. The quality of the follow-up helps maintain the motivation of the beneficiary and makes it possible to overcome any difficulties that they may encounter.
13.2 Assistance is not intended to compensate for training; it is intended only for the participant(s) of the training sessions trained by Fertil-In Anglais. Telephone assistance lasting longer than 15 minutes is excluded unless otherwise specified during training sessions.

14 - Settlement of dispute

14.1 In the event of a dispute regarding the performance of a training, or the provision of a service, Fertil-In Anglais and the client undertake to seek an amicable settlement.
14.2 The General Conditions of Sale presented above are governed by Swiss law. Any dispute regarding these General Conditions of Sale, in the absence of an amicable agreement, will be submitted to the competent Swiss Courts.
14.3 The customer accepts this attribution of jurisdiction without any restriction or reservation.

15 - Intellectual property

15.1 Every element of the Fertil-In Anglais website is and remains the exclusive intellectual property of Fertil-In Anglais. 
15.2 No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, redistribute, or use for any purpose, even partially, any element or content of the website.
15.3 Any simple or hypertext link is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Fertil-In Anglais.

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