Who have created Fertil-In ?

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Fertil-In was founded by the association of two enthusiastic women Virginie Terrier and Adva Grundman.
Virginie Terrier is a nutritionist, health counselor and speaker specialized in micronutrients and phytotherapy with experience of more than 15 years. 
Adva Grundman is a fertility and assisted reproduction consultant practicing for more than 6 years. She is also founder of ART Fertility by maFIV following of her own infertility journey. 

Discover more about Virginie Terrier et Adva Grundman and Fertil-In Team.

Why Fertil-In ?

Faced with the increasing number of unexplained infertility cases and repeated failures during the assisted reproduction treatments we have experienced in our consultations, we decided to engage in the research for innovative, intelligent and effective solutions.

Our work has been based on our experience, our results and a research of the  most recent scientific data. New discoveries in the field of epigenetics, meaning the effect of the environment on the gene expression, particularly on the fertility, have also been a driving force behind our project. 

The journeys of the preparation for conception, the pregnancy, the breastfeeding and the first 1000 days of life have been shown to have a strong influence on the child's health throughout his or her life. Thus, beyond the problems of conception related to infertility, the importance of taking care of the future parents during the essential phase of peri-conception seems to us to be a real public health concern.

We have therefore joined our strengths, skills and experience in order to create intelligent and personalized programs. We have also gathered  a medical and scientific committee of multidisciplinary experts around the project, who share our vision. Our work aims to improve the fertility of women and men, as well as the health of their future children.
Conception is a magnificent, complex and especially fragile. Most of the time, conception is natural, but that doesn't mean that it should be left to chance!

Why a medical and scientific committee for Fertil-In?

The Fertil-In project is aimed at health prevention and brings changes to everyone's lifestyle and environment. Therefore, it seemed important to us to bring together specialists, doctors and scientists from different fields that affect conception and preconception. The purpose of this committee is to enable us to share with you the best knowledge in each specialty, as well as to ensure the relevance of our recommendations and the correct interpretation of the results obtained.

What is Fertil-In

Fertil-In is an expert of the opportunity period. Its goal is to accompany couples from the pre-conception phase (6 to 3 months before conception) to the child's 2nd birthday, in order to improve their fertility and transgenerational health.

The Fertil-In programs are designed for couples:

✔ who is in the situations of infertility
✔ who wish to conceive a child by offering them the best possible health environment.

We have developed programs that cover the entire period of opportunity with a 360°degree perspective. They are 100% online, 100% personalized and 100% based on conditioned intelligence called "Fertility intelligence".

This innovative tool successfully accompanies couples at every stage of their conception (whether natural or medically assisted). Discover the programs here.

Our mission to raise awareness has led us to offer free information on the attitudes to adopt during the opportunity period. Our blog and our Fertil'Attitude section will be valuable allies in your conception project.

Would you like to know the potential for improving your fertility?