The Economic World magazine talks about Fertil-In!

How was the Fertil-In project was born and who is it for?
Here is a subject that intrigued the Swiss magazine Economic World, which interviewed us and devoted a page on Monday, May 25, 2020.

Fertil-In was born out of a deep desire to help, first from loved ones, then from couples who contacted us. It is the desire to understand why there are so many inequalities between these couples who manage to conceive in the first cycle and those who wait 2 years, 3 years and sometimes even more than 10 years after the start of the trials that motivated this project: identify the factors on the ground that really influence.

Fertility has dropped with the harmful changes in our lifestyle, our exposure to endocrine disruptors, our food ... shouldn't this change as we improve our lifestyle and consumption habits?
We think so, and so far the experience of our testers has confirmed it! Remember that we are all different, when faced with the same parameter.

In this quest to "contribute to a better world", fate has put us on the road to the right people. The meetings between Prof. Umberto Simeoni, whose fame made our hands tremble and who is now the president of the medical committee of Fertil-In. And Dr. Claudine Vasseur, who sees the reproductive medicine that she practices with an approach of innovative field, were decisive.
The support of the most prestigious Swiss law firm Lenz & Staehelin, which felt touched by this project with a humanist vision and which selected us in a voluntary aid plan, allows us to establish the best protection strategy in order to that this precious project can see the light of day and continue.

Fertil-In is like this recipe that you gradually build up and which becomes the best cake ever eaten, when you don't even really know what the contribution of each ingredient has been.

Each person has made a vital contribution that makes Fertil-In so special.
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