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What is Fertil-In Program ?

A Fertil-In program is a 100% personalized program developed using conditioned intelligence.
After completing a questionnaire, you will receive your personalized and complete program in the form of a report including all the habits and trends that you need to change, as well as a personalized and detailed food program, established according to your foundations and your answers to questions.
You will also have access to videos and explanatory documents to help you to set up the new suggested habits.
A supplementation 100% adapted to your situation will also be recommended.

Does a program allow you to be accompanied by a real coach ?

A Fertil-In program is not a real coach, it is an intelligence 100% conditioned by a group of coaches and experts that we have called "Fertility Intelligence".
This intelligence brings together the experiences of several specialists and a cross-referencing of scientific data. It is powerful and efficient, but it is not a human.
The founders' virtual coaches accompany you throughout the programs, they also answer all your questions by email or on social networks.
If after receiving your program you need a human contact, you will be able to schedule remote consultations with fertility coaches via our site. These coaches can offer you support including our “Fertility Intelligence”.

Is it possible to exchange with other people who do the same program as us and the experts ?

When you buy a Fertil-In program, you have the opportunity to become a member of the “Fertil-In community”.
This community is made up of experts but also of people who, like you, follow the program.

What aspects do the Fertil-In programs cover ?

The Fertil-In programs focus on 4 main aspects:
▪️ the environment: toxic, endocrine disruptors, etc.
▪️ behavioral change: stress management, sleep, physical activity, etc.
▪️ intelligent nutrition: aimed at hormonal regulation, the quality of oocytes and spermatozoa, the quality of implantation.
▪️ supplementation: adapted to your needs and objectives, and meeting the 3 criteria: quality - safety - environment.

Are dietary supplements included in the cost of the program ?

Innovative food supplements of optimal quality are recommended to you according to your foundation and your objectives.
They are not included in the programs. You remain free to take them or to pursue those you already have.
Our permanent objective is to guide you towards the best. You are nevertheless free to orient yourself as you wish.

Are there several types of programs ?

Our first programs, the InCONCEPT programs, which are the foundations, aim to improve fertility in a personalized way. Other more specific ART-oriented programs such as InIVF, InFET and InDIVF are developed to support each of your protocols up to 12 weeks of amenorrhea. Pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and other programs will be released soon.
These first fertility enhancement programs are available to all women and men who are planning to conceive whether natural or with the help of assisted reproduction.
We advise everyone to start with the Fertil-InConcept WOMEN or MEN or DUO program which aims to improve hormonal balance, oocyte quality, implantation efficiency, and sperm quality. We recommend following this program for a minimum of 3 months for women and 3 to 6 months for men, but ideally as soon as you have a desire to conceive, regardless of the goal (natural conception or PMA) and the problems encountered.
The specific programs around the assisted reproduction protocols aim to support each of your protocols and increase your chances of success. It will therefore be important to follow a natural fertility program beforehand in order to prepare the foundation.

Is it for women or men ?

As part of the InCONCEPT programs, you have the choice of subscribing to a WOMEN or MAN program, or to a couple program called DUO.
Obviously, we strongly advise you to make the change together, because each of you give half of the genetics to your future child. Even if only one partner seems to have a fertility problem, it is the diet and behavior of both parents during the months leading up to conception that affect the health of the unborn child for life.

ART programs automatically include women and men, since in each protocol, both are involved.

Is it compatible with ART (assisted reproduction technology) protocols ?

Our programs are 100% compatible with ART protocols.
We even strongly recommend these programs to prepare for your ART treatment.
The specific ART programs are established to accompany in detail each phase of your ART protocols. These specific programs are built with the supervision of doctors specializing in reproduction, pregnancy and infancy.

Are the Fertil-In programs compatible with pathologies such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), endometriosis or ovarian failure ?

Absolutely, each program takes into account these different pathologies and adapts the advice accordingly.
Remember you are not sick! You are a person with a complex foundations, and a set of many factors must be taken into account, including the pathologies from which you are suffering, but not only that.

Can making a program be risky ? 

Our programs are created by the group of specialists who accumulate over 100 years of consulting experience. They are also based on a cross-referencing of numerous scientific data and are the subject of ongoing discussions and adjustments within our medical and scientific committee. These programs have been tested by couples in voluntary infertility situations, beyond the effects on fertility, each of our testers has seen their general health improve. This positive effect was also observed by means of control questionnaires, carried out by our “Fertility Intelligence”.
Unexpected effects of changes can never be ruled out 100%, but so far none have been reported to us and safety remains the priority for our advice.

Do the Fertil-In programs give me the guarantee to conceive ?

Unfortunately no, conception is a complex act and nothing can guarantee it. The aim of the Fertil-In programs is to highlight individual factors, favorable or unfavorable to conception and to give you solutions to correct them. However, we cannot give you any assurance that you will be successful in conceiving.

How much does a Fertil-In program cost ?

A Fertil-In program costs around 3 to 4 months of baby diapers or 5% of the expenses to be made before baby birth. The exact prices are shown on the description page of each program "Programs and rates".

Doctors has diagnosed me with unexplained infertility. Could the Fertil-In programs help me?

Of course, they were created precisely in order to offer a way for improving unexplained infertility problems by shedding light on the individual factors promoting better fertility. You can also see our film on the subject.

I have suffered several miscarriages. Could the Fertil-In programs help me?

Yes, that's one of their goal. The purpose of the Fertil-In programs is to activate the journey for improving fertility according to each individual's foundation. In particular, to examine the factors that could influence the implantation and consequently the occurrence of recurrent miscarriages.

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