The Fertil-In programs were created in collaboration with doctors and therapists specializing in fertility and epigenetics. They combined the experience of more than 100 years and are based on the most recent scientific research in the field.


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Virginie Terrier is one of the founders of the Fertil-In.

Virginie is a nutritionist, health counselor and speaker specialized in micronutrients and phototherapy with the experience of more than 15 years. She has directed the the first Swiss center of micronutrition founded by Dr. Langel, called Efficium based in Geneva, for 7 years. She has also been a project manager for the startup Aptimea, and has been leading health prevention actions in the various companies. For more information please take a look at her website:

Education: Dietician-Nutritionist, 2 University Diplomas in Nutrition & Micronutrition, Swiss Diploma in Micronutrition, training in neurocognitive and behavioral psychonutrition & cardiac coherence.

Virginie has 2 children conceived naturally with a peri-conceptual approach.

Adva Grundman is one of the founders of the Fertil-In.

Adva is a fertility and assisted reproduction (ART) consultant practicing for more than 6 years. She is also founder of ART Fertility by maFIV, which accompanies and supports women and couples in their ART treatments.
As an expert in ART abroad, she offers her services for the choice of the clinic adapted to the individual needs and with an aim of improving the chances of success following the treatment.

Education: Master's degree in HEC and 10 years in marketing of the watchmaking sector. She has been working for about 6 years with the reproductive doctors and has acquired excellent knowledge in the field.

Adva has 2 children, the second conceived by IVF with a peri-conceptional approach.

Fertil-In English Partner-Manager and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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Victoria Gattucci is Fertil-In English Partner Manager. She has been helping us to extend the Fertil-In to the English speaking community by managing this project. 

Victoria is a founder of Nutrition Fertility Balance. She is Certified as Integrative Nutrition & Fertility Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York State Education Department, USA. 

Also affected by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Victoria went through her own fertility bottle followed by the natural pregnancy. Now she is a mother and she has decided to dedicate her life in helping others in their fertility journeys.  

Apart from food choices, her holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on all other essential areas of life including sleep, physical activity, stress and emotions, and the effect those have on eating habits and the overall health foundation, fertility and consequently the health of your future children. 


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Camille Dupertuis is a Community Manager

After completion of a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences with a media orientation, Camille continues her studies for a Master's degree in Journalism and Digital Communication at the University of Geneva.

She has been working with the Fertil-In team as a communication assistant since February 2020. Her academic skills are used to create visuals, layout and writing of many contents on the website and social networks of Fertil-In. 

Affected by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Camille is very concerned by fertility issues. She takes as an example her mother, also suffering from PCOS, who gave birth to three children through natural pregnancy.
Melissande Preperier Photo
Mélissande Preperier is a communication consultant.
She finished her studies in photography in June 2020 and after meeting the Fertil-In team in February 2020, she offers her help to develop the brand's reputation. Not having been involved in the field of fertility and conception before, she discovered a new and exciting world that inspired her.

She quickly changed her eating and living habits after discovering the Fertil-In programmes. She embraced the mission of Fertil-In to help others adopt a more fertile lifestyle.

Medical and Scientific Committee

The Fertil-In project aims to be active in health prevention and brings changes in everyone's lifestyle and environment.

We felt it was important to bring together specialists, doctors and scientists from different fields that affect conception, peri-conception and childhood health.

The goal of the Medical and Scientific Council is to enable us to bring you the best of knowledge in each specialty, as well as to ensure the relevance of our advice and the correct interpretation of the results obtained.
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Prof. Umberto Simeoni chairs the Medical and Scientific Council of Fertil-In.

Professor Simeoni is a pediatrician. He has developed the clinical and experimental research on the interactions between the environment and child development in France and in Switzerland. The work carried out with his collaborators has contributed to a better understanding of the early origins (from the pre-conception period, pregnancy and early childhood - the "first 1000 days") of adult health and disease. He is involved in various scientific collaborations focused on early prevention, nutrition, epigenetics, and the application of this research to health.
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Dr. Romero is an obstetrician gynecologist and consultant for the Fertil-In pregnancy programs.

After several years of practice at the maternity ward of the Bordeaux University Hospital, she is now based in Aix en Provence. Passionate about pregnancy monitoring, and particularly that of high-risk pregnancies, she specializes in obstetrical and periconceptional pathologies.

Convinced of the impact of the environment on conception and fetal development, it is with a certain interest that she accepted to participate in this innovative project.