Baby trials, unexplained infertility, miscarriages...
Do you dream to a become parent?

Become a mom and become a dad now!
Activate the change to finally welcome your baby
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Find out now how to succeed. 
Don't waste more time with unsuccessful baby trials or ineffective ART protocols.
You feel like you're lagging behind. Most of your friends have welcomed their first, second or even third baby.

You are under daily pressure, your family, your friends, your colleagues keep asking you:
"What about you, when is it for?"
"Stop thinking about it, the baby will come."
Or "Are you sure you're doing the right thing?"

Learning about a friend's pregnancy, seeing a pregnant woman or a couple of young parents has become difficult for you.
Do you feel hopeless?
Have you already tried many things without succeeding?
First consultation in ART, even first treatment. Alternative medicine. Hormonal treatments. Tips of all kinds.

Nothing works...

You are unable to achieve your desired pregnancy or it does not come to term.
Not being able to have a child is one of the greatest injustices...
It is also one of the greatest wounds in life.
Like you, Adva lived it 
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Adva, one of the founders of Fertil-In has been there. 
She knows this feeling of hopelessness well.

After a first child conceived naturally, the second was late in coming.
Premature ovarian failure.
Asherman's syndrome (uterine synechia).
Endometrium too thin.

An accumulation of bad news. Months of waiting. Unsuccessful attempts.
Several attempts. Then nothing.

Time passing and still nothing. A feeling of anxiety was growing inside her.
"What if this so desired second baby never arrives?"
What if in 1 or 2 years you are still not parents?
This question resonates in your head like a record that spins on a loop.
A record that cannot be stopped. And that, despite all the means we have given ourselves, it plays, always louder.
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The time passes, the hope to get there fades...

This kind of thoughts can be very scary.
Especially when you know that the quality of oocytes and sperm diminishes with age. Yes, even in men!
The older we get, the more complicated it is.
And the more anxiety takes precedence over the hope of succeeding one day...
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Despite your many attempts, still nothing.

Even if you follow your gynecologist's advice by the book, no pregnancy is achieved.
You diligently follow your fertility yoga class. 
You eat a balanced diet.
You pay attention to endocrine disruptors.
You have learned to accept your emotions and manage your stress. 
You have had a blood test.

No indicators seem to explain your infertility. Normal spermogram. No anatomical or medical problem explains your implantation failures or miscarriages. The suggested treatment does not work. Your oocytes are pointed out.
You don't understand...

Your feelings are normal if it hasn't worked so far.
Conception is a very complex process that requires significant resources. Some physiological and biochemical processes, however essential, do not depend on your will. (Rest assures, it is possible to act on it!)
But why can they conceive and not me?
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Do you know why you can't succeed? We'll give you some hints:
🔘 Your miscarriages may be related to a poor immune balance.

🔘 Your ART failures may be explained by a poor quality of your oocytes or
spermatozoa (even with a good spermogram!).

🔘 Your implantation failures may be related to vascularization defects.

🔘 Your poor response to stimulation may be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

🔘 Your immune imbalance may not be in your endometrium.
🔘 Your embryos developmental defects may be related to deficiencies or oxidative stress.
But how to know exactly what is wrong?
And, above all, how to remedy it? 
Virginier Terrier et Adva Grundman BD 5c83d
Virginie, the fertility expert
Virginie is a nutritionist and micro-nutritionist.
In her practice, she has met many couples experiencing infertility. When infertility affected 3 couples of friends, it was the trigger. Faced with their heartbreak and pain, she decided to specialize in conception and fertility.

Her goal: to give justice to these couples by allowing them to have their baby!  

She began to create profiles.
She sought to understand and model infertility and, more importantly, its causes.
Supporting research, collaboration with doctors, configuration of an algorithm,
Test couples.
All this to develop a holistic solution with a powerful leverage effect: Fertil-In.
Her 3 couples of friends became parents!

What if with this holistic approach you could conceive within the next 12 months?
What if you could avoid an additional IVF? What if you could have a peaceful pregnancy?
What if, in addition to having your baby, you could prevent your child from having diabetes, overweight, allergies and other health issues?
From "infertile" couple to parents
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Lagging behind. Hopeless. Frustrated. These feelings haunt you...
You dream of being a parent but that pregnancy test keeps showing only one bar?
The blood test keeps saying "negative"?
Unfortunately, your actual pregnancies do not exceed 12 weeks?

The pain is indescribable... In spite of everything, deep down, you continue to believe and you are right!

Our Fertil-In programs not only allow you to have your baby. But you will also be the first to pass on a solid health legacy to your future child.
Your infertility is no longer an obstacle to conception.

Your medically unexplained infertility finds an explanation.

And your chances of success in ART are increased tenfold.
Remember the infertility journey Adva went through?
It was finally thanks to ART and a peri-conceptional approach to optimize her treatment that she welcomed her beautiful baby girl.
She recently has started school.
Her big brother is delighted to have a playmate (and a partner in mischief!)

What about Virginie's 3 friends couples, do you remember them?
A 3-year journey of infertility. The emotional roller coaster. The stress of not making it. But a great friend who did everything she could to fight this injustice.
And they succeeded!
Today they are all happy parents. And some of them even want to enlarge their family. 
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Our solution for becoming parents: a powerful  and personalized support
Put all the chances on your side to get your baby.             Become a mom. Become a dad.
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Realize your dream by becoming an actor of your fertility
Thanks to Fertil-In, you identify the levers and obstacles of your fertility.
You have all the keys in hand to finally have your baby.
But be prepared to change your habits.
Becoming a parent is synonymous with major changes. And it starts even before conception!

In our programs, we give you all the keys to take action and regain control of your fertility. Depending on your profile, your history and your current lifestyle, we offer you personalized programs.
They target the factors that are essential for conception.

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What is the Fertil-In solution?
An individualized and holistic support that gives you concrete action levers to act at 360° on your fertility (and the health of your child). 

Concretely, what do the Fertil-In programs act on?

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Nutrition: program adapted to your profile designed by nutritionists specialized in fertility, recipe ideas, attitudes to avoid for a tailor-made fertility diet.

Food supplements: adapted to fertility and to your profile, according to your deficiencies, your specific needs and because your body needs all its resources to conceive.

Managing the effects of stress: nutrition and other tools.

Endocrine disruptors and toxins: simple actions to take to avoid them.

Physical activity: adapted to your desire to become pregnant.

Immune and hormonal balance: through nutrition and supplementation.

How does it work ?

You answer a precise questionnaire that simultaneously scans over 1000 "fertility" parameters.
The recommendations are then adapted to: 
🔘 Your situation: lifestyle, stress, sports, diet, etc.

🔘 Your profile: endometriosis, PCOS, premature ovarian failure, amenorrhea, spermogram abnormality, varicocele, anejaculation, unexplained infertility, poor oocyte quality, etc.

🔘 Your history: miscarriages, unsuccessful attempts, ART failure, etc. 

🔘 Your daily ailments: the ones we downplay but are fundamental. Allergy, blood circulation, fatigue, digestion, sleep, immune weakness, etc. 
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Natural conception, ART, pregnancy... Our programs are adapted to each of your objectives!
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And that's not all! 
🔘 Decreased pain related to endometriosis.

🔘 Weight loss or gain, depending on the needs your body has in order to grow your baby

🔘 Soothing of allergies

🔘 Disappearance of hormonal acne related to PCOS

🔘 Regain energy and vitality

🔘 More serene approach to your baby trials
Ready to activate the change? Improve your fertility and boost the health of your future child  now.
You don't know what to do to improve your fertility or to optimize your ART journey? You are still hesitating?
Let yourself be inspired by the success stories of our users. 
After 6 miscarriages in almost 2 years, I didn't dare to believe it anymore. After 8 weeks of the Fertil-In program, I got pregnant. I am now the mother of a beautiful baby girl.étoiles, 32 y/o
I managed to improve my AMH level. In 3 months and a half, it has increased by almost 50%.
Eliane, 34 y/o
While I was considering IVF, I managed to use my own oocytes to get pregnant... with twins.
Camille, 28 y/o
In 5 months of the program, the quality of my spermogram tripled, even our reproductive doctor could not believe it!
Dimitri, 30 y/o
Fertil-In allows us to keep control in a process where we have almost none.

Nadège, 37 y/o
Fertil-In is based on a completely different approach than anything else we had tried. Thanks to the advice, our problems were corrected.
Julie et Raphaël, 42 and 45 y/o
Do you think you already have a healthy lifestyle? 
You might be surprised...

I thought I had a healthy lifestyle... I became aware of obstacles to fertility that I did not imagine
Marie, 32 y/o
And in numbers? What do our users think?
Think our questions are relevant
Find their program relevant and are confident that it will improve their fertility
Would recommend our programs
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Why offer an online solution?

The Fertil-In programs respond to the problems of lack of time, availability of actors, availability of expert therapists in the field of 360 fertility, embarrassment of couples facing a taboo subject, bias of the therapist's emotions.
The advantages of an online solution with conditioned intelligence are the speed of establishing a program (only 40 to 50 minutes are needed as opposed to several hours of consultation with a therapist) and the simultaneous consideration of more than 1,000 parameters acting on fertility.

What is the basis of Fertil-In's InConcept programs?

The Fertil-In programs are based on the principle of systemic fertility, which means that it takes care of all the systems that can have an effect on fertility. Indeed, your ability to conceive is not only inherent to your sexual organs. Conception is a magical but complex and fragile process. If any of your body's functions are not optimal, your body will not have the ability to produce quality gametes (eggs and sperm) or to accept and develop an embryo.

Fertil-In programs are stand-alone programs, how can they be customized?

Fertil-In programs are based on conditioned intelligence. After filling out a questionnaire of over 200 questions, an algorithm trained with the combined experience of health and fertility professionals creates the right program for you, the one that will have a real leverage effect on your fertility. You will save time, energy and money by focusing on effective and impactful actions for your fertility.

I have already tried many things, both medical and para-medical (naturopath, osteopath, etc.), how are the Fertil-In programs different?

The Fertil-In solution offers you a combination of expertise in the fields of fertility and health. It acts on fertility at all levels and from all angles simultaneously. It not only saves time, but also provides real leverage on your fertility in a personalized manner. It is the only solution to date that offers such a global approach.  

I need to follow a Matrix Lab type protocol (or other immunity investigation) or I am considering such a protocol, is the Fertil-In solution compatible?

Our solution acts on the ground of your fertility and is fully compatible with all medical protocols.

I have to start a treatment (IVF, ECT, AI, FIV-DO) in a few days, is it worth using Fertil-In solution?

Absolutely! Even if the time is too short to prepare your body for your treatment, the solution will allow you to optimize the stages of your treatment (stimulation, transfer, waiting). In case of a positive outcome, the program will adapt to your new situation to help you live the first weeks of pregnancy in a peaceful way and give you the best recommendations to give your precious pregnancy the best chance.

What is the success rate of the InConcept program?

Unfortunately, we do not have precise statistics since many users do our programs and some come back to us to announce their pregnancy. In addition, many users are still in the program since the improvement of an infertility situation takes at least 3 to 6 months. Moreover, each situation and problem is different and it is not possible to present objective statistics. The testimonies of our users, some of whom had not been able to conceive before or to have an evolving pregnancy, is the best proof of the quality of our programs 😉