FIVDO Program

InFIVDO, the 360° program that accompanies your IVF with oocyte donation!
It is 100% online and 100% personalized.
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The InFIVDO program for whom and when?

The InFIVDO programs have been designed for couples or women who engage in IVF treatment with ovocyte donation and wish to optimize it.
IVF with ovocyte donation is a special treatment, often a last resort when in vitro fertilization does not work or when there is a defect in the quantity or quality of the oocytes. Nevertheless, FIVDO is an opportunity, the opportunity to be able to conceive despite of difficulties. 

It is also the chance to live a future pregnancy to the fullest and to be 100% involved in the project of conception, as well as in the transmission of numerous health factors to the future child. As with any conception project, it is important to feel in the best possible conditions.
  • before a first IVF with oocyte donation in order to maximize their chance of success, improve their health and that of the future child (see interview with Prof. Simeoni).
  • when the use of IVF with ovocyte donation is psychologically difficult to accept
  • when Mr. is over 40 years of age*
  • to improve the quality of the endometrium so that it is more responsive
  • when the endometrium remains thin despite high doses of estrogens
  • after one or more IVF failure(s) with ovocyte donation
  • after one or more miscarriages
  • in pathologies such as endometriosis or adenomyosis
A man of 40 and over takes 5 x longer to conceive than a younger man. From the age of 47, there is statically 3 times more risk of trisomy 21 (moreover, sperm donation is only possible in France until the age of 47).

When to start your InFIVDO program?

7 to 30 days before the start of the protocol
If you have more than 30 days before the start of your IVF protocol, we advise you to start with
our InConcept pre-conception program which will be a balancing act for your conception foundation. 
By choosing to join Fertil-In membership, the InFIVDO program will be included.

What is an InFIVDO program?

It is an innovative 100% customized program based on conditioned intelligence that takes into account:
  • ➕ of 1500 "fertility" parameters
  • ➕ of 250 questions for women and 180 questions for men with a 360° view
  • your evolution at the different stages of your protocol (transfer, results, first weeks of pregnancy)
  • your physical and emotional state before, during and after treatment
  • the result of the cumulative experience of more than 100 years of consultations with specialists in nutrition, fertility, reproductive medicine, pediatrics, epigenetics, biology and pharmacology (learn more about our Scientific and Medical Committee)
  • a compendium of the most recent scientific research in the field
  • 15-day follow-up prior to your IVF treatment up to 12SAs
360° View of our Fertility Intelligence
360° View of our Fertility Intelligence

What do I get when I buy a program?

A InFIVDO program accompanies you, in BOTH (man and woman), before, during and after your FIV by optimizing your terrain in a personalized way and specific to each stage of your journey.

It contains :
✔️ A questionnaire and a pre-transfer and post-transfer women's program. 
✔️ A questionnaire and a men's program to optimize the last phases of spermatogenesis prior to collection 
✔️ 4 questionnaires and post-transfer programs for both 
More specifically :
  • Targeted and personalized recommendations (nutritional plan, lifestyle, supplements) during the stimulation phase
  • Targeted and personalized recommendations (nutritional plan, lifestyle, supplements) during the last phase of spermatogenesis, before sperm collection
  • Targeted pre-transfer recommendations (nutritional plan, lifestyle, supplements)
  • A questionnaire and post-transfer recommendations (what to do, what not to do after the transfer)
  • 4 hypnoses that accompany you during the pre-transfer, transfer and waiting phases
  • After your pregnancy test, a questionnaire, recommendations and a hypnosis session adapted to your situation and your feelings
  • Two stages of pregnancy follow-up with personalized recommendations at 8 and 12 SA.

How much does an InFIVDO program cost?

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BOTH, optimize your conception foundation in a targeted and personalized way for the different phases of your IVF treatment with egg donation.
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