Medical and Scientific Committee

The Fertil-In project aims to be active in health prevention and brings changes in everyone's lifestyle and environment.

We felt it was important to bring together specialists, doctors and scientists from different fields that affect conception, peri-conception and childhood health.

The goal of the Medical and Scientific Council is to enable us to bring you the best of knowledge in each specialty, as well as to ensure the relevance of our advice and the correct interpretation of the results obtained.
Umberto Simeoni 450bf
Prof. Umberto Simeoni chairs the Medical and Scientific Council of Fertil-In.

Professor Simeoni is a pediatrician. He has developed the clinical and experimental research on the interactions between the environment and child development in France and in Switzerland. The work carried out with his collaborators has contributed to a better understanding of the early origins(from the pre-conception period, pregnancy and early childhood - the "first 1000 days") of adult health and disease. He is involved in various scientific collaborations focused on early prevention, nutrition, epigenetics, and the application of this research to health.
Claudine VASSEUR 9501d
Dr. Claudine Vasseur is a consultant for Fertil-In's ART and pregnancy programs. Dr. Claudine Vasseur Vasseur is a Reproductive Medicine specialist in Endocrinology. She currently coordinates the ART center of the Pôle Santé Léonard de Vinci in Chambray les Tours.

Claudine is passionated about everything related to conception and endocrine pathologies of pregnancy such as gestational diabetes. She approaches and works as a reproductive doctor but with a particular approach, relating to the impact of the lifestyle and environment on hormones and fertility in general. She believes,  as we are, that protocols and fertility works best with the preparation.
Evyline Veschambre e748d
Evelyne Veschambre is a consultant for Fertil-In's ART and pregnancy programs. She is a hypnotherapist and also has a degree in pharmacy and biology.  

As a health professional in a public and then private institution, she has noticed that the care offered to patients was not complete: the psychological component was rarely taken into account. However, it is a recognized guarantee of success.

Passionated about psychology and hypnosis and convinced of the need to provide comprehensive care for each patient, she has completed her training in these two specialties in order to devote her practice to accompanying oncology patients, as well as couples integrating a ART program.

Beyond the sessions adapted to each patient, each story, the richness of the human adventure is her main driving force.