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How to motivate your man to change?

That's a good question that you often ask us in private.

You deeply desire to initiate the change, but you want to do it together. Obviously, we encourage you in this direction because YES, the lifestyle of your spouse has a strong influence on the quality of embryos and the health of your future children.
However, not always easy to convince your second half… You see what we are talking about?

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While it is initially difficult to motivate a man to change his habits, once they take an action, he is likely to be the biggest promoter of the change. A man who decides something, does not do it halfway! However, he still has to decide ...

A man is very different from a woman, if only on a hormonal level.
Men are androgenic and therefore imbibed with male hormones such as testosterone, which increases combativeness and rigor in decisions.
So be warned, that if your man does not make the decision to change himself, he will not do it in a committed way.
So what's the right way to convince your man?

So what's the right way to convince your man?

First of all, it is important to differentiate two things:
On the one hand, the ability to change. That of a man is often greater than that of a woman, you may have already observed that. Because we are more emotional and the man are more factual.
On the other hand, the motivation to change: that of man can hardly come from outside.
So, if he has made up his own mind, he will.
If you decide for him, at best he will follow without real commitment, at worst he will refuse.

So how do you motivate your man to change? Well, quite simply by involving him in the decision-making.

For example, if you tell him:

“I've heard of the Fertil-In program, it sounds good. Couples have great results, I wish we would! "
He may answer you :
“If it worked, it would be known! I don't want to change. We have already done a lot of things that did not work. This is one more thing that's going to cost us money and get nothing for us."
In this case, we suggest you change your angle and ask questions in order to elicit his reasoning.

For example, ask him the following questions:
"How long have we been on this journey to become parents?"

"Have we so far found the solution and achieved our dream of becoming parents?"

“Do you think there is another solution that we haven't tried yet?”
"What else do you suggest?"

"Changing your habits for 6 months, what does that represent as a percentage of time over a lifetime?" (Men love calculations, it's very factual)

“Did you know that the lifestyle of the father before conception is one of the most influential factors in the health of the child? Would you like to read a study on this subject? ”

"A program at € 397 that we will follow over 6 months is approximately € 65 per month, or € 32 each. Do we ever buy something at € 32 each month that is not not really useful? ”

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how important is it for you to have a child?”
“On a scale of 0 to 10, how important is it for you to give our child the best possible health?”

“Could changing our consumption habits now be beneficial for the future pregnancy and the health of our child?”

“And finally, what is the risk?”

A personal example (which worked!):

For a long time, in a process of reducing endocrine disruptors, without exploding the budget, Virginie has began to create her own household products. Her partner was not very receptive to this approach, rather passive and sometimes a little critical.

The dishwasher product was a problem for them, and her partner decided to switch back to a classic store-bought product.
Impossible to make him change his mind, except by asking the right questions:
"Do you think these lozenges could pose a danger to our children? If for example one of them were to consume one?"

"Do you have a way to be 100% sure that these products stay out of the reach of children, pets ..."

"Do you know the composition of these products and their potential impact on our own health?"

"Could you find in ready to use products such as disruptor free lozenges?"
And indeed, he made a mission of it! He researched, understood, integrated the information, took into account the toxicity of the products. And he came back with a proposal ... A homemade recipe is effective!

Today it is him, who makes at home the dishwasher tabletsand with all natural ingredients.
And all this, without pressure, without constraint, only because he integrated the importance of this practice with his own reasoning.
This shows that you cannot choose to hire your partner, if he himself has not understood the importance of change, if he does not understand why he must do it.

So how do you motivate YOUR man to change?

In our programs, we explain in detail the importance of each tip.
Why? Because if you understood the importance, you will!

Men are hormonally conditioned to be their own decision makers more than women. And it’s that "decision maker" hormone, testosterone, that makes them good parents. So “let's use it” to engage them in change!

Accept this constraint and guide them towards a better understanding and committed decision-making.

Have you seen the testimonies of Anne and Dimitri and Ophélie and Alexis?
Change efb91
Here are two men, who have clearly embraced change with commitment, and you know why? Because they made the decision themselves!
They are remarkable and everyone thinks so. They succeeded in this challenge because they themselves took the reins, for their part in any case.
Do not hesitate to tell us if below in the comments if, thanks to our advice, you have succeeded in pushing your man to change! 👇🏻

Maybe start with a little thing like "which movie do we look tonight?". If you succeed, try more important and do not hesitate to offer him to test his Fertil-InScore for free!

If it has already been done and the result shows factors for improvement, ask him how he thinks to improve them? .... 😉
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