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Fertil-In was founded in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

The information, expertise and knowledge of all our partners helps us to offer you a complete platform to accompany you in your desire to conceive and the development of your child with a 360° approach.

Nutrition Fertility Balance 
"We are what we eat, what we think and what we feel."

Victoria Gattucci
is a founder of Nutrition Fertility Balance.
She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York State Education Department, USA. 
Apart from food choices, her holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on all other essential areas of life including sleep, physical activity, stress and emotions, and the effect those have on eating habits and the overall health foundation, fertility and consequently the health of your future children. 

Could one conversation change your life? 

ART Fertilité
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Art Fertilité was founded by Adva Grundman and offers Fertil-In invaluable expertise and experience. As a fertility and ART consultation platform, Art Fertilité provides indispensable information about the people that Fertil-in aims to help and the treatments they undergo.
CPMA Lausanne
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The Lausanne CPMA is a Swiss Medical Fertility Center specialist in   medically assisted procreation.
Fertil-In has established the first 360° reproductive medicine and complementary medicine partnership in order to optimize the patients' situation before their treatment by working on lifestyle and the environment.
Dr. Manel Nezzal
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As a specialized physician with a passion for reproductive health and fertility, I deal daily with all aspects of the couple's infertility. I work with the diagnostic and preventive aspects while accurately identifying the lifestyle habits of the future parents.

Aware of the importance and repercussions of lifestyle and eating habits on reproduction, I devote a large part of my consultation to the identification and sensitization of reprotoxic substances and endocrine disruptors.

The lack of simple information and the scarcity of fertility specialists in my region have pushed me to look for innovative, intelligent and relevant solutions. " Fertil in" is in line with this approach and offers a valuable support for the general public, patients and practitioners.

I am currently practicing at the Al Farabi clinic in Annaba, Algeria, as a fertility specialist and I also give a course on ART and fertility at the "Institut Supérieur de Sage Femme".
Lenz & Staehlin 
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Lenz & Staehelin is one of the largest law firms in Switzerland. They have been a driving force in the development of Fertil-In. Their support has enabled us to build a solid legal basis for our project in order to offer our programs with data collection while respecting the confidentiality rules in force.
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Nutryn is a brand of food supplements developed specifically for the needs of Fertil-In. It offers fertility supplements of the highest quality, high performance, ecofriendly with compostable packaging to accompany the period of peri-conception called "sensitive period".
Natura Medicatrix 
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Natura Medicatrix is a supplements platform to our programs. It offers a list of well-designed products based on natural and clean ingredients.
Berce O Féminin  
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Lionelle Genoud, founder of Berce O Féminin, is trained in fertility yoga, pre and postnatal yoga using the De Gasquet Method, maternity certification. Berce O Féminin was born from its history and its career in assisted reproduction. Lionelle offers a holistic, individualized approach, centered on listening to the body and its needs. Respectful support by the movement that paves the way for action.

With Berce O Féminin, Lionelle offers personalized support during each sacred stage in a woman’s life such as pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, by offering the unique combination of benefits in Yoga for Women.
What is more important than being an actress in your life course to give the life?
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