Why is Fertil-In 100% online?

We have chosen to design Fertil-In programs 100% online for the sake of efficiency and accessibility.

The Fertil-In programs address the following issues:
Lack of time
Availability of women and couples
Availability therapists experts in fertility 360° 
Discomfort of couples
Emotional bias
The benefits of the Fertil-in programs are:
  • Only 40 to 50 minutes is enough to scan the fertility ground
  • Our "Fertility Intelligence" thinks of everything. It objectively scans the smallest details on nearly 1000 parameters!
  • The Fertil-In programs offer a 360°  view and represent a reflection and a work that would take at least 6 hours for a human brain expert in fertility.
  • 360 ° fertility expert therapists are in high demand and difficult to find. The Fertil-In programs are accessible to everyone at any time.
  • The Fertil-In programs bring together all the expertise in matters of fertility and pre-conception in a "single place" thanks to targeted questionnaires and personalized approach. 
  • Sometimes fertility issues are very personal. Computer-based questionnaires allow sincerity, reliability answers and thinking time.
  • The conditioned intelligence is based on responses and restore neutral and factual programs emotions.