Our 5 tips to improve implantation :

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Conception is a magnificent, complex and above all fragile act. It can be natural or benefit from a medical boost. This is called medically assisted procreation.

Whether natural or artificial, conception is far from accidental. It is the culmination of a multitude of steps that bring harmony to the whole system, from you even to your child.

However, when one part of the system fails, the entire design can be disrupted.

The Fertil-In project relies on scientific knowledge and a cross-checking of complex data to help you regain control over your fertility and be an actor in the health of your future children.

We're going to start today by giving you 5 tips for promoting the implantation of the embryo. Because it has indeed been shown that the control of certain processes could promote its success or, on the contrary, slow it down.
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