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  “Fertil-In is there because you are there! Fertil-In has been created with the heart to make hearts beat! Yours, and that of your future children. From the start, this project has demanded strong and constant motivation from us. We have a chance! We have powerful engines!  YOU and other couples who are like you, wanted to make a change. The strength and drive for success of the users of our programs. This is what inspires us on a daily basis. Discover their stories here. ”

Virginie and Adva, founders of Fertil-In.

 A Fertil-In program is a tool to support your conception goal.
However, it cannot replace the medical advice or the recommendations of your reproductive doctor. 

Testimony Ophelie and Alexis

3 years of infertility, 2 miscarriages and a surprise baby after 6 weeks of Fertil-In InConcept program
Ophelie and Alexis, our first couple of testers, started their program at the end of summer 2019. When they have started their program, they were feeling hopeless, insecure and anxious. They were the triggers for a movement that we hope will grow big!

Luckily for them, the results were quick! They will tell you by themselves.

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Testimony Anne and Dimitri 

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The testing couples inspired us, they were our motivators.
We delivered programs to them, and they gave us the strength to continue and to persevere. They confirmed us in our convictions. They proved to us that everyone could become an actor of change.

They also made us vibrate thanks to their messages of good news. And these moments had a special taste, a serious taste of victory, not ours, but THEIRS.
Because we know that they have won a long battle! And even if we gave them some tools, they used them!

They set the trend for Fertil-In, because it was their successful conception project that gave birth to Fertil-In.

Anne and Dimitri were among our first couple of testers. Why did they embark on the Fertil-In adventure when it was just the beginning? They explain it to you in their testimony.

Today they are happy parents and we wish them the lots of happiness and joy in their parenthood.

As with all those couples who have trusted us and changed to succeed, we would like to say THANK YOU and above all "You can be proud of YOURSELF!"

Anonymous couple, 40 & 36 years old 

Testimonials AnonymousCouple
My husband and me liked the program very much. It helped us to get deeper understanding in some topics and even me who already know quite good about nutrition and healthy lifestyle learned new things and little tricks to boost our diet and lifestyle for fertility. We already tried to make as much little changes as possible. We are not perfect but it’s all about progress and not perfection. ;)) 
We liked the questionnaire very much. You asked a lot of interesting questions we never thought about before and about so many different topics. For example we didn’t know that we both wasn’t breast feed at all. 
The individual session with Victoria was very helpful, too. I can highly recommend it to everyone taking part in your InConcept program.  
I am following my diet as recommended and feeling very good so far. I also try to use more of the food that was suggested. At the moment my shingles (herpes zoster) was not showing up again. For my husband it’s a little bit more difficult to make changes in his diet. But he is working on it and that makes me happy and proud. He also started to workout a little.  

Manuella's testimony, 41 years old

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After 4 IVF failures in France with only 3 transfers, but failed implantation and miscarriage, my gynecologist directed us towards egg donation abroad. I chose to contact ART Fertility by maFIV in order to advise and accompany us in this adventure. 

After the failure of the first fresh embryo transfer, Adva suggested that I do the InConcept program by Fertil-In in preparation for the next TEC. Unfortunately, this was also a failure. Adva suggested that I also do the InFIV program which is designed to optimize the treatment steps and we also discussed the different recommendations together. 

I realized that the advice had to be followed to the letter because it had a specific purpose. I then decided to totally respect what the program proposed, whether it was in terms of food hygiene or advice on managing stress. It was not easy, but we finally had our positive for our greatest joy. I have just had my 3 month ultrasound and it is the biggest happiness. 

Thank you to Fertil-In and Adva for helping us to realize our dream.

C.'s Testimony , 28 years old

C. and her husband had to go for IVF with egg donation due to ovarian insufficiency. After 3 months of the InConcept Duo program, despite the pessimistic prognosis, they were able to make their dream come true following an insemination.
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We started testing in February/March 2019. We started right away with ovulation testing and yet every month my period came. I had regular 27 day cycles. We had given ourselves a year before consulting. So we arrive in March 2020, COVID too, so we make our 1st appointment with a PMA gynecologist in June 2020. What I learned later was that she was also the director of the PMA center in our region, so she was quite familiar with the subject. We did the first exams (blood tests, spermogram, hysterosalpingography, follicle count) and it immediately came out that I had an AMH of 0.18, which is already very low, and an FSH of 13. The specialist tells me that this is very bad because I am in early ovarian failure, but that with 0.18 we can maybe try IVF to see what happens.

She wants to do another blood test in August to confirm or deny the results of the first test. She can't explain to me where these numbers come from: I have never had chemotherapy or radiotherapy, I have never smoked in my life, etc. August 2020, the results are even worse: AMH at 0.05 and FSH at 18. She refused IVF and redirected us directly to IVFDO. She told me there was nothing she could do for me. In the meantime, in July, I discovered the Fertil-In programs while doing research for improving the quality of the oocytes. I started the program in July with my husband. Since the PMA center would refuse my application, I turned to alternative medicine. I made an appointment with an osteopath specialized in fertility to try to improve my ovulation on a natural cycle. During the session, she suggested that I get a second opinion from her own gynecologist who was apparently great. 

So I make an appointment with this second doctor. He looked at my results and seemed equally divided. He explained to me that I was a poor responder to treatment based on the numbers and that we could try one simple stimulation (my husband's results were good) to see if my body responded. If it doesn't, we'll really have to go through IVF-OD. (I had also started the process via Art Fertility). My period arrived on November 6, and I started the stimulation cycle. We started with a combination of Gonal-f at 100 ui and Ovitrelle. The first echoes show 4 follicles. A small victory for an IOP (early ovarian failure) like me! 
At the last ultrasound before the Ovitrelle injection that will start ovulation, the follicles were at 19-16-14-14 mm, which is really good! 
I made an appointment on the day of ovulation with my osteopath so she could prepare my body. She helped me have a less painful ovulation and prepare my uterus. Following ovulation, I had to take progesterone, so I had symptoms such as bloating, stomach aches, acne, swollen breasts, but these symptoms can just as easily be side effects of progesterone as symptoms of pregnancy. So I don't get my hopes up. This cycle, my husband and I enjoy ourselves: sushi, aperitif, sausage (but no alcohol during the treatment). We said to ourselves that we could hope that this would be the last time I would have the right to do so.
13 days after ovulation, I had a very bad night: stomach pains, insomnia. I say to myself "well I'm going to do a test, either it's positive and it would be great or it's negative but at least I know it and I'll know that these pains come from the period which is going to come soon". I do my test as soon as I wake up and see a slight second bar... I told myself that it was a little too dark to be a false positive bar but my husband was not sure and told me to go and take a blood test. The results arrived in the afternoon: 154 IU/I! I am pregnant! So it's just the beginning but after almost two years of trying and a diagnosis of ovarian failure, it's a victory! To succeed in getting pregnant with my own oocytes was unhoped for!  

Our journey is short compared to others but not less difficult, the results, the diagnosis, the mourning of the genes, all these steps have made us savor this small victory even more! 

And to reassure couples who find the program "difficult" because there are many changes to be made in terms of diet and lifestyle (sports, endocrine disruptors), we did not follow the program 100% from the beginning, we adapted it according to what we thought was most important. For us, for example, it was the diet. My husband used to put sugar in his coffee, the snack was very sweet too, the breakfasts with rolls and croissants were fatty... By changing all this, we gained energy (salty breakfast) and lost weight quickly, 10 kilos for my husband and 6 kilos for me. We were therefore in better shape and were able to follow the program better and better!

Laetitia's testimony, 36 years old

After 3 years of secondary infertility, Laetitia is the future mother of twins. Laetitia was one of our first public users. She started the InConcept program on the day of her discharge on May 29, 2020. In 6 weeks, baby 2 and 3 came to live!
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I discovered Fertil-In on social networks when Virginie and Adva were about to launch their first program. Looking at the advice they were giving, I immediately thought that this was what I needed. 

Indeed, for the last 3 and a half years we had been trying to have our second child without succeeding. After 40 attempts, I never had that long awaited positive test except for the last attempt which was in fact an ectopic pregnancy. I had tried all the soft methods like osteopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis,... After having done fertility tests that did not find a cause for our secondary infertility, we started PMA, stimulations with inseminations. After about a year, I had my positive test which ended up in the operating room because the embryo was in a tube. 
We had been considering IVF for a few months. That's when I heard about Fertil-In. I had been interested in nutrition for a few months and I had found a lot of information on the internet, on nutritionists' blogs, but I was lacking the support of a professional who was really specialized in fertility. 
So I started this program as soon as it came out at the end of May, I saw that the questionnaire targeted several things that I found coherent. I carefully applied all their advice, even if some of it was not easy to follow. I also took their advice to start their fertility yoga program, which I really enjoyed, even outside of the baby project, yoga tailored to her cycle felt good.
I resumed my treatment for stimulation at the beginning of July and 10 days after the insemination, I had my first symptoms of pregnancy. A pregnancy test confirmed the good news, and I learned a few days later while being followed by my gynecologist that I was probably expecting twins.

In the meantime, I contacted Virginie to continue the micro-nutrition work with her since the special pregnancy program was not yet available.

After all this work to try to have baby 2, it's baby 2 and baby 3 who are celebrating in my uterus. I have already recommended this program to others, because I feel it is not only useful for fertility, but also for the health of parents and future children, and because it was designed by two women who are passionate about their work, their clients and their future babies. You can feel it in every post and every contact with them! 

Testimonials from Fertil-In programs users

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