The importance of the fertility foundation!

At Fertil-In, we love to explain and share the information.

We have therefore produced a series of short videos, in order to help you understand, little by little, what the Fertil-In project is, what it is about and how we want to help you work on your fertility.
This project was born from a small seed that we planted in our brain and which has become a big idea that has invaded our hearts and that of couples, doctors, reproduction health professionals ... to become ... Fertil-in, Fertility Intelligence!

Very soon, we hope that such a precious seed, grows, invades your body, your life and brings you the greatest happiness.

We also hope to accompany you at every step of your journey to better advise you and to celebrate with you when you tell us: "we did it!"☺️

In this short video, we want to discuss the importance of the fertility foundation for conception. Because at Fertil-In, this is what we work on ... your foundation, so that this little seed takes root, develops and grows in the best possible way 🌱.
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