Prof. Umberto Simeoni on the concept of DOHaD

Did you know that the health of the adult is largely determined during his first years of life? The mission of Fertil-In is not only to help you boost your fertility and your health, but also to conceive a child with the best possible foundations, who will grow into a healthy adult.

In this regard, Professor Umberto Simeoni, President of the Medical and Scientific Committee of Fertil-In, discusses the concept of DOHaD - Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. You can discover his explanations in this video (available only in French).
To sum up the importance of DOHaD, know that if your genome is fixed, your genes can turn on and off, raise or lower their expression, through a phenomenon called epigenetic.

In epigenetics, there is a key phase, which Fertil-In calls the “opportunity phase", during which you program the entire life and the large part of your child's health. This period spans:
from 6 to 3 months before conception until 2 years old of child
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